Decorative image

My Images and Process

The Images

Decorative image
Icon JPEG (1024 x 1024) created by Katy Field on Vectr
decorartive image
Icon PNG (512 x 512) created by Katy Field on Vectr
Decorative image
Header (1000 x 250) created by Katy Field on Procreate

Because my site is called Katy’s Craftings, I knew I wanted my header to include crafty things to make it make more sense. I drew the things I use for my hobbies strewn around like they might be on a table. I tied the icon to the header with a similar background color, and kept it simple with my first initial in a soft but contrasting color. I went with a cursive font because I liked the way the loop looked better than rigid lines.

The Process

I used Procreate to draw my header image, because I had a specific idea in mind and I knew that I wanted it to be personalized. I also used this software because I wanted an excuse to practice with it, since it’s still new to me. For my icon, I also tried to use Procreate, but I realized that I couldn’t export the file in two different sizes, because once you set the canvas size it can’t be changed without altering the image. I switched over to Vectr and created a similar design so I could meet the requirements for this project, but I might change it later.

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