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Video Project: Crochet with Katy


The subject of my video is crocheting. This is one of my favorite hobbies, and I love to teach other people how to get started. Although I learned the basics from my aunt in person, I’ve picked up a lot of new skills through YouTube videos, so I was inspired to give back to the online crochet community.



For this project, I recorded both audio and video with my phone in my apartment, just using the materials I had on hand. It’s a little rough around the edges.


I used Canva to edit my video and add a couple of effects and title cards. I used Soundtrap to put together my audio recordings, music, and sound effects. I decided to upload my video to YouTube, because adding and editing captions was much more accessible than the process on Vimeo, which was pushing paid services.

Thanks to…

Olexy from Pixabay for the music, and an unknown creator on Mixkit for the explosion hit.


Have you ever wanted to make blankets, pillows, coasters, dinosaurs, and so much more? Welcome to Crochet with Katy, I’m gonna go over the two basic things you need to get started with crochet, beginning with the most addictive substance known to man: yarn. That’s right. Yarn comes in different thicknesses, called weights. This is a thin weight, medium weight, and this is a heavy weight. Generally, I recommend heavy weight for beginners, just because it’s easier to see your stitches. Moving on to hooks. Just like yarn, hooks come in different sizes. They’re measured in millimeters, which can be found often on the side of the handle. The packaging of the yarn should tell you what size of hook you need, but generally, the heavier weight of yarn you’re using, the bigger the hook you’re gonna need. That’s all, thanks for watching! I hope you learned something today.

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