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Copyright and Licensing and Images, Oh My!


If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you will see that my content is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. This means that while my work may not be used for anything commercial, anyone is free to use, share, and remix my content, provided they give me proper attribution (a link or my name). Additionally, you cannot restrict other people from doing things this license permits. I have set these terms because I work hard on things! Ownership is important to me, and I would like people to know that I was responsible for my content. But at the same time, I know that society is improved when we can comment and build upon the work of others. As long as people are reasonable and respectful, do whatever the heck you want with my stuff.


The two images you currently see on my blog site, the header image and site icon, were both chosen from Pixabay. I chose the image of water for my header mostly because I like the way it looks. It’s simple, but colorful and dynamic. I also chose it because I have strong positive associations with water. It reminds me of childhood beach trips and vacations. I chose a pencil to be my site icon because I love to create things, and a pencil is one of the most basic artistic tools, but so much can be done with it. I also like it because it looks like the pencils my art teacher would force us to use in elementary school. I hated them because they had no erasers, but they served their purpose and made us draw carefully.

Image of a pencil
My site icon, big so you can see it better. Image by davidswidjaja from Pixabay.

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